Whatever it takes! We’re a media & platform agnostic agency that is focused on creating value & making tangible impact on your business goals. The idea is to do what [whatever] is right & required for the brand. Did we hear you say,

Creative Strategy

Eyes that look over everything. every single thing. a centralised approach to marketing & brand communication that helps align all efforts and ensures all consumer touch points are delivering a single unified brand message creatively & consistently. Our consultation offering is designed to work cohesively with internal marketing teams or even in the absence of one. We also work extensively with clients to help them build & train internal marketing teams & setup internal marketing processes & structures.

Branding & Design

A logo that truly represents who you are or packaging that is as cool as your product, stationery that your employees will love or shop fronts that your customers can’t get enough of, brochures that generate leads or catalogues that truly engage; we’ve got it all covered. Our team of designers & visualisers are ever so keen on crafting branding that tells beautiful stories, has real business impact while being a treat to the eyes. clean, consistent, clear and sometimes crazy are our branding values.

Digital Marketing

The centre of all action for most brands, digital comes the most naturally to the young team at W.A.Y.S. Our approach to digital, especially social, is however slightly different. The aim is to build a social presence for brands that ties into the larger brand story, has a compelling narrative, a thumb stopping visual language & a very very good reason for existence on the consumer’s feed.

Tech Development

We love to use the power of technology, combine it with exhilarating design and strategic content to deliver tech products that change the game for our clients. websites, mobile apps, e-commerce products, customer engagement products, gamification solutions, event management systems, healthcare management solutions; our tech team backed by years of experience is equipped to handle all client requirements.

Video Production

As feeds get cluttered & internet speeds leap, videos continue to dominate the consumer’s share of attention to branded content. Our video services are designed to meet this exact requirement. the team is equipped at creating videos across formats: motion-graphic, animated, micro-videos, live coverage, event after movies, conferences, vox-pop, corporate videos, vlogs, webinars, product demos, etc.

Media Planning & Buying

It is not just about what creative asset you are using to 'engage,' 'inform' or 'delight' your audience. It is about how you get the most bang for the buck, and how you stop making it rain at the moment of truth.All of the actual planning of media buying is done by our Media team who have one goal and one goal only: to make sure that the campaign is as effective as possible.

Content Writing

Media platforms are evolving; content distribution is getting easier & consumers are seeking information at every click. Our content team is skilled at drafting content across formats for varied audiences that can be delivered across multiple platforms. podcasts, blogs, books, strategic e-mailers, consumer education manuals & any other custom content solutions are an easy go for us.